Queen of Swords: Slander and Lies

I give you The Queen of Swords and the traits thrust upon her.

  • Widow
  • Female Sadness
  • Female Embarrassment
  • Absence
  • Sterility
  • Mourning
  • Privation
  • Separation
  • Barren
  • Unreliability
  • Narrow-mindedness
  • Gossip
  • Deceit
  • Malice
  • Artifice
  • Prudery
  • Frowns at the world
  • Bigoted

Are you seeing a trend?

Presumably, every authority (barring Aleister Crowley) has based his or her interpretation of the Tarot on A.E. Waite’s definitions. I wonder what happened? Did he have mommy issues? We can clearly see by his pompadour that he was a bit off. Who hurt poor Arthur? Why malign intellect when it is embodied by a woman?  It seems that the most prominent authorities heretofore have done a great injustice to the Queen of Swords. Why was he afraid of this woman?  That’s what I see when you put all those definitions together – fear – a threat to the status quo – a woman with the ability to bring down the good-ol’-boys club and the chutzpah to do it.

Given the time in which he lived and the pomposity he possessed I am not surprised by his definitions. What utterly gobsmacks me is that female authorities heretofore have followed suit. Why did Ms. Gray and Ms. Pollack not put the clamp down on such notions?

Perhaps we’ll never know and anything I give you on that subject would be pure speculation and conjecture.

I will, however, give you what Hajo Banzhaf says about the Queen of Swords and hope it gives you a more favorable way to think about the Queen of Swords and brings her into the 21st Century:

“The Queen of Swords represents the feminine form of the air element. She stands for intelligence, alertness, independence, an abundance of ideas, and a quick perceptive faculty. She is the expression of our ability to solve problems and achieve higher perception with the help of our mind, without dissipating our energies or letting ourselves be tormented by doubts. In contrast to the old understanding of this card, which only saw an evil woman in the Queen of Swords, at best a widow, this motif shows us that we are dealing with a woman (or the feminine aspect of a man) who has freed herself from dependency through the power of her mind. Only in a few cases should the shadow side of this card be considered, the ice princess who has a calculating coolness and almost insurmountable aloofness behind her charm.”

Thank you, Herr Banzhaf.

Who Is That?!

You may have noticed a small change on the blog amidst the new layout, colors, and design. A small change in many ways, but in the most important ways, a huge one. I’ve integrated part of the name my parents gave me at birth with the name I was given by my Guru. My Spirit feels good about this.

Short story? Sometimes a man needs to do something just because he loves his mama and it makes her happy.

Long story? Well, honestly folks, I had it all typed out. It was a wig-snatcher, I promise you; truly, a thing to behold. But after I finished it, Spirit said that it was enough to share these two things: by choosing three years ago to legally change my name to Jagadeesh Dev I honored my Heart, my Spirit, and my Guru; by legally changing my name this day to Jagadeesh Andrew Owens I honor not only Heart, Spirit, and Guru, I honor my Mother and my Father. So it was done.

Your Tarot Consultant, Jagadeesh Andrew Owens, Once Upon a Time

Movin’ On Up!

Dear Friends,
I have changed not only the look of my blog but also its address! I hope you like the new design. It’s simple, but the browns, greens, and blues remind me of the colors we see in nature. Be sure to bookmark the new address so you can find me easily. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions as I continue to grow. Grow with me!

Love to all.


Is the Doctor In?


I was giving a reading today and the querent  asked a question that demanded a definite answer. It wasn’t “yes” or “no”, but still, a definite answer was being sought. I’ve had a few inquiries where a definite answer was desired and in all of them I’ve noticed one thing – the Tarot is like the many psychologists I know – answering questions with gentle nudges and prods in the right direction so that you may “discover” it yourself.

For example, a person may ask “What lesson I am supposed to learn from my girlfriend breaking up with me?” In my experience the Tarot doesn’t tell you “The lesson you should learn is to leave when she cheats on you the first time and not the third.”

As an answer, the cards that are cast could be the Eight of Pentacles and The Hanged Man; together this could mean that you’ve gotten yourself into this pickle by repeating the same old patterns, but now that you’re hanging by your toes you have time to work on yourself, see how you arrived in this situation, and discover how to prevent it from happening again.

See the difference?

When we are able to figure things out for ourselves (with a few pointers and helpers from our friends) we feel more in control and more empowered because we are able to meditate on the message that the cards give us and figure out the solution for ourselves.

Donation IAQ

Donation Infrequently Asked Questions

Really? I can donate any amount and receive a reading from Jagadeesh?

Yes. Really. From $1 to $100. But I’ve been talking with a friend who has great experience in marketing. Even though I tell you that any, truly any donation will work, history has shown her that it is best to suggest a donation amount. With that, my friends and loved ones, I suggest that if you would like an authentic and loving reading from me you donate $5.40 securely via PayPal using the link to the right.

Why $5.40 and not an even $5.00?

Five plus four equals nine, and nine is a very auspicious number. That’s it. That’s the reason. No mystery!

If you want everyone that wants a reading to have one, why not continue to do it for free?

I am providing a valuable service, a skilled service, and it is worthy of tribute – in this case – money. Most of the people that have come to me for readings are spread across the world: Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Austria, England, Australia, and right here across the United States, so it makes sense to offer readings for money. If you are local, however, or in the US and wish to barter your skill, craft, or product for a reading, that is welcome. I am a true believer in the beauty and honesty of the barter system and welcome it wholeheartedly.

Remember, if you cannot afford the suggested dollar amount, it is only a suggestion. I will gladly read for you if you can donate even a dollar.

Small Steps

Dear friends,
After careful thought and many talks with seasoned and top-notch tarot readers, I’ve reached the decision that I am ready to move to the next step on my tarot journey.

I have decided to start accepting money for my readings. Having said that, I don’t think the right thing for me to do is charge a set price. There are so many ways of doing it: charge per card, charge per hour, charge per spread, etc. I see the rates of leading tarot readers (and rates of not so leading tarot readers) and it is cost prohibitive for most. I want everyone and anyone who desires a tarot reading to have access to a good, honest, and thorough reading. That’s why I’ve decided to operate on a “pay what you can” basis. From one dollar to one thousand dollars, whatever is in a person’s heart (and pocketbook) to donate for their reading is enough. The size of the donation does not dictate the quality, length, depth, or breadth of a reading. I will give of my best to the person who can donate five dollars as I will give of my best to the person who can donate fifty. It is up to you and your heart to decide what you think your reading is worth.

What’s more is that I will donate 3% of all donations received to charity. I will pick a different one each month so we can together spread the love around.

You’ll notice to the right that I have set up a secure Paypal donation button. Clicking on it will take you to PayPal where you may enter any amount you choose. Once I receive notice of the donation I will contact you within twelve hours to arrange for your reading. As always, the readings will be recorded and sent to you as an mp3 which may be listened to in iTunes or Windows Media Player. Click today to schedule your next reading and be sure to forward this to all your friends, family, and loved ones using the link below.

I thank you for the honor of letting me read for you and helping me grow to be the reader I am today. I truly hope you’ll be with me for many years to come.

Love to you.


Just a Man Who Can’t Say No?

I learned yesterday that part of being a good tarot reader and consultant is turning people down. You just can’t take every request that is made of you. Sure, you can take every request that falls in line with you moral code and the way you operate, but you just have to learn to say no to the requests that don’t.

Here’s my favorite (and only) “shut the hell up card” The reason it is my “shut the hell up” card is because I have a bad habit of saying the same thing ten different ways in a reading. So when she pops up (either falls out of the deck or I cast a card for clarification and she shows up) I know it is time to shut up.